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News That Apple Intends To Acquire Speech Recognition Company Nuance

by tedeytan according to foreign media reports, Apple co-founder by Senanayake (Steve Wozniak) recently released a video in error that Apple has acquired Nuance speech recognition technology of the company, Nuance record intraday price since Tuesday 17 April 2009 a new high since. U.S. website recently released a video Watts Nyack, video, Apple said […]


Cool Apple News images

Check out these Apple News images: Scooter man Image by Ed Yourdon This guy was sitting all by himself, pretty much alone on the block, between 73rd and 74th Street, on the west side of Amsterdam Avenue. The enormous stone/bricks behind him are part of the massive wall of what used to be the Apple […]


Cool Apple News images

Some cool Apple News images: “And by the way, it’s no coincidence that all of these women are white—they’ve been given leeway to screw up and court public disapproval in ways that a woman of color would never be afforded.” —Sady Doyle Image by anokarina In fact, Kelly is part of a flotilla of unsympathetic […]