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Some cool iPad News images: Flipboard Image by Johan Larsson Flipboard is an application that aggregates news from social media channels. In the photo is a magazine based on a twitter list with people from the Green political party in sweden. — Flipboard är en applikation som aggregerar nyheter från sociala kanaler. Här är ett […]


Cool IPad News images

Some cool iPad News images: 2011-02-24 iPad News Options Image by joe bustillos I can either go with my RSS reader or any one of the news apps that i’ve installed (including Zinio)… but which one is the best to keep me informed? News Clocks Image by kengo sad news Image by patricio villarroel bórquez […]


Eu News : Android May Trump Ipad Antitrust Concerns

by xploitme While various aspects of the European Unions regulatory bodies are taking a gander at Apples subscription plans for its iPad tablet empire, the reality is that Googles Android platform may be enough of a competitor to stave off any antitrust concerns, at least according to one commissioner. Bloomberg reported comments to a Belgian […]